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What is Handicap Betting?

What is Handicap Betting?

by shozichFebruary 10, 2020

Handicap is a type of sports betting for making a contest even in the case when there is a recognizable strength difference between the two opposing teams. Although handicap betting is among the most popular forms of betting yet, many bettors are unaware of it. For this purpose, our handicap guide covers every aspect of things you need to know about handicap betting in sports.

Handicap Betting Explained

Every single game is helpless before situational factors. Traders- on a wagering trade – or bookmakers predict these elements and speak to every player or team chances of accomplishment with the odds- their inferred likelihood of having victory in the match.

Handicap betting– otherwise popularly called the Asian handicap betting– viably “even up” a market, by allotting a virtual shortage or overflow (handicap) to every choice. Depending upon every result’s apparent odds of winning, the distinction in chances can be enormous, offering little an incentive on the top pick, and low returns.
Handicap betting markets apply either a positive or negative objective/guide handicap toward each side/player relying upon which is recognized as the top pick (negative handicap betting) or weaker opponent (positive handicap betting). After the confirmation of the final score, if the selection has a placed a bet on is higher than the opponents, after the score has been applied with a handicap, you will win the bet.

How does handicap soccer betting works?

In soccer similar to every passionate single game there is typically a distinction in saw nature of the opponent team; the size of that distinction shifts relying upon a mind-boggling scope of impacts running from recorded strength and financial sponsorship to situational factors, for example, home-field favourable position or player availability. Soccer wagering predicts these elements and serves as chances of achievement for each side as odds.

Before you start betting, we would like to introduce the three types of Handicap betting that exits.

Handicap betting Guide

Level Handicap
When talking about a level Handicap, there is no difference in capabilities of both the teams, so there is no handicap bias given to either of the teams, and they both start with 0 goals.
To win a wager, the bettor must recognize the group which they think will score a more significant number of objectives than their rival. This kind of handicap isn’t essential for uneven matches however is valuable in that it disposes of the draw; if the game finishes in a tie, all wagers are refunded because on a zero handicap neither one of the teams has any preferred position.

Single Handicap

single handicap occurs in the situation where Team A has a difference in capabilities over Team B. The team having superior abilities is given a suitable goal handicap to level up with the inferior side. This process is done only for betting purpose; for example, the handicap goal can be -1 goal or -1.5 goal.

This bet type is likewise the same as the North American bettors prefer to call “Betting on the spread”. The group that has been deemed “better” by the sportsbook is as yet supported. But, they presently need to win by a specific measure of goals. For instance, Team X may have a handicap of 1.5 goals (this half goal is generally included so that the sportsbook[1] can dodge a push on that wager). It implies that the team needs to win by more than 1.5 handicap goal value to sustain their end of the deal.

These were some of the football betting types we have shared in the blog, and we would come up with football betting strategiesin our future blogs.
For instance, if you wager[2] on Team A with a handicap of – 1 goal, they should win by more than one goal to cover their handicap and for winning you the wager.
In case they win by one goal, the outcome with the handicap applied is a draw for wagering purposes, so your wager is refunded. If Team B win or draw, you will lose your bet on Team A.

Split Handicap

Split Handicap is a situation where the perceived difference between the capabilities of the two opposing team is small, and this allows you to slit your bet over two handicaps.
For instance, Team A may be offered at (0 and – 0.5). If you wager on Team A and they lose, you will lose the two wagers, as they didn’t cover either handicap.
In case the match finishes in a draw, half of your stake at (0) will be refunded, and the other half at (- 0.5) will lose. If Team A successes, in any case, the two handicaps will be secured, so the two wagers win.
In case you’re confused about the past experiences thinking about adopting a three-way fixed odds betting, the odds are you’re not going to get a good profit for your venture, and your wagering may profit by the new point of view that soccer handicap wagering gives.

Basics and everything to know about Handicap Soccer betting

The most popular Handicap Soccer bettings are European handicap betting and Asian Handicap betting.

European Handicap betting.

European Handicap betting is also popularly known as a three-way handicap. The reason for this is for each event it provides three possible bets. The three possible betting options are you can place your wager on the superior team having a handicap advantage, or you can place your bet on the team with less perceived abilities having a handicap disadvantage, or you can choose to bet on a draw. This last option makes the European Handicap different from Asian Handicap.

Asian handicap betting

Asian Handicap is a type of soccer wagering which is exceptionally mainstream in Asia (so the name) “Handicap” implies that one team gets a “virtual head start”, adequately driving the game by a different sum or sums before the beginning of the game.
Asian Handicaps are intended to eliminate the probability of a draw in a Soccer game, decreasing the match to two possible results.

Best Strategies Asian Handicap Betting

The presentation of the Asian Handicap as a wagering market has ended up being an essential weapon in our line-up, as it permits us to select one from two possible results, immensely expanding our odds of winning. At this point, you should know about how Asian handicap work and ought to have progressed to the following level — thinking about how to win Asian Handicap wagering. Even though there are various Asian handicap wagering techniques, we plan to concentrate on the most common that have demonstrated to be gainful on repeated events.

Support top picks at – 1 or – 1.25

This is an extraordinary elective technique to customarily wagering on top picks. Probably the most considerable disadvantage of backing top picks on the success draw-win showcase is that the chances are generally meagre. Even though we can hope to win many of our bets, the low chances imply that any benefits can undoubtedly be cleared out with a couple of unforeseen losses.

We need to ease that risk, however much as could be expected. Understand that supporting favourites at – 1 or – 1.25 methods we will utilize the alternative Asian handicap to get lower chances. We’re despite everything going to get very low chances, as taking enormous top picks at – 1 or – 1.25 will generally mean utilizing the alternative Asian handicap and along these lines getting decreased odds.

However, these odds can get better with the chances of winning plenty of the bets. So, we must pick our spots carefully, and only place wager when we are confident about our favourite team’s victory with at least a couple of goals.

Supporting the underdogs at +1.75

We utilize this strategy on a great deal. Commonly, we search for home underdogs that are at +1.0 or +1.25 on the Asian Handicap. At that point we back them on the alternative Asian handicap, taking marginally decreased chances in return for getting an additional a large portion of a goal. This strategy gives us an extremely high possibility of winning, or if nothing else getting a large part of our stake returned, as inferior abilities team once in a while, lose by at least two goals.

While there are a few further developed systems that we have utilized effectively, these two techniques certainly give us the most-steady returns. Try not to hope to get rich of them, however, as they’re with the low gain and low-risk. They’re as yet an incredible beginning stage for wagering on the Asian Handicap, and there’s no reason for not acquiring a benefit from utilizing them.
Another main point we would like to address before we end the blog is that you can place Asian Handicap betting during in-play. This opens up the doorstep of opportunities for winning even more good value bets.

Corner Strategies in Asian Handicap

Betting on corners is a safer choice for punters. In case you are searching for Asian handicap wagering tips for corners or a decent methodology to increase the amount of cash in your balance, you should take note of that the most significant thing you have to do is keep an eye on details and get familiar with a couple of things about the teams that are the part of the match. The best time frame to begin pursuing wagers on corners is after the tenth Matchday. You will have all that could be needed details concerning the involving teams “behaviour” both in-home and away.


We wholeheartedly prescribe that you check out Asian Handicap wagering, as we solidly trust it’s perhaps the ideal approaches to wager on soccer. However, we likewise ask you to be cautious before placing your bets. Although the opportunities from this kind of betting are infinite for making money, a little mistake can cause you to lose your money, especially when it is in repeated order.

This is the reason we recommend that at your first starting out, place bets for small stakes rather than urging for the large ones. This little stake betting will make you lose a minimum amount of money. Likewise, it would be ideal if you ensure that you FULLY comprehend all that we’ve covered in this blog. This is among the most intricate types of wagering, and it might take several times of reading our clarifications for you to get a handle on what it’s about. Try not to be hesitant to re-read a segment a few times to get the complete information about the Asian handicap betting.

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